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Products Available in Nevada (North)

Products Available in Nevada (North)

3M™ Detector Loop Sealant. Encapsulates, insulates and protects the wires of a vehicle detector loop from the effects of the harsh roadway environment. In temperature extremes, it retains flexibility so the wires are continuously protected to prevent loop failure.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor V. Side-fire radar detects out to 200 feet. Accurately monitors up to 8 lanes of traffic.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor HD. SmartSensor HD combines increased transmission bandwidth with an advanced signal generation technology to produce a more stable, more accurate radar.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor Advance. SmartSensor Advance’s detection range offers more comprehensive protection of the entire approach, not just isolated zones.

Wavetronix™ SmartSensor Matrix. The SmartSensor™ Matrix is a first-of-its-kind stop bar presence detector designed for use at signalized intersections to detect vehicles with the reliability of radar and with all the advantages of non-intrusive detection.

Wavetronix™ Click 100. Input/Output devices.

Wavetronix™ Click 200. Surge protection and power modules.

Wavetronix™ Click 300. Wired communication data convertors.

Wavetronix™ Click 400. Wireless communication data convertors.

Wavetronix™ Command Collector. Command Collector provides robust, customizable data collection from a variety of sensor technologies. Collection is scalable up to thousands of sensors and logging devices, and data is stored for over 90 days.

Wavetronix™ Command Translator. Command Translator bridges the gap between traffic data and end-use applications by providing automated and immediate conversions between incompatible data formats and databases.

Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System. Installed beneath roadway pavement, the Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System allows you to capture a variety of traffic data critical for making better-informed traffic management decisions.

Opticom™ GPS System. The Opticom GPS system harnesses future-forward global positioning system technology for faster, safer emergency vehicle preemption and more responsive transit signal priority.

Opticom™ Infrared System. The Opticom infrared system transforms intersections into intelligent tools for allowing faster, safer emergency vehicle preemption and more responsive transit signal priority.

Dialight ITE Specification LED Signals. Fully compliant to the latest ITE Specifications, Dialight offers a full product line of LED traffic signal modules, arrows and pedestrian signals. Featuring the lowest wattage in the industy, Dialight's LED Traffic Signals are helping municipalities worldwide cut energy costs and reduce maintenance.

Dialight LED Signal Modules. U-Turn Arrow Modules, Bicycle LED Traffic Modules and LED Traffic Signal Modules for use with External Driver circuits

Dialight LED Traffic & Intersection Signals. School zone low voltage signal modules, school zone speed limit signs, programmable visibility signals and LED cabinet lighting.

Dialight LED Street Lights. Representing the latest innovation in LED roadway and area lighting, the new Dialight StreetSense™ Series LED Street Light features Dialight’s exclusive optics technology for precision light placement along with maximum energy efficiency and reliability for ultra-low total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the fixture.

Dialight California Energy Commission Approved LED Signals. Dialight offers a wide range of ITE, Caltrans, and California Energy Commission approved LED traffic signal modules including balls, programmable visibility signal modules, arrows and pedestrian signals.

Polara Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal. The Navigator is a highly reliable, vandal resistant Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) that provides a vibro-tactile ADA compliant 2" push button with a raised directional arrow and audible sounds during all pedestrian cycles.

Polara Model X Push Button Station. The XAV2-LED push button station is the full featured model designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk with in-pavement or overhead flashing lights.

Polara BullDog. The BullDog is a highly vandal resistant button with essentially no moving parts. It is pressure activated, but can withstand an impact from a baseball bat or hammer.

TrafficCast BlueTOAD™. TrafficCast's BlueTOAD™ delivers the granular data and communications flexibility agencies need. From measuring travel times on alternate routes, to capturing driver behaviors at intersections, and even to aggregate data from multiple monitoring devices for cost-effective backhaul to operations centers, BlueTOAD is the essential tool for intelligent transportation.

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